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Sustainable Seafood Calculator

The Sustainable Seafood Calculator is a web-based application that generates up-to-date sustainable seafood reports for businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sustainable Seafood Calculator?

The Sustainable Seafood Calculator is a web‐based application that allows businesses to assess the sustainability of their seafood according to the Seafood Watch Program at Monterey Bay Aquarium. The application allows users to create one or more lists of their seafood inventory through an online form and generate an online, downloadable report. Users receive a report that includes a table of results, a pie chart displaying overall sustainability, and column charts of seafood items in each seafood rating category. Currently the hosting website for the application is being developed and will be available soon.

Why was it developed?

The Sustainable Seafood Calculator was developed to both help partners of the Seafood Watch Program maintain and track their seafood according the most current Seafood Watch seafood ratings and as a broad based tool that can help other businesses identify the sustainability of their seafood. The application is particularly suited for distributors, restaurants/chefs, and small to mid‐size grocers. It is expected to be available to the general public in early summer 2012.

How much does it cost?

The application will initially be free to use but requires registration for full functionality. A small fee may be added in the future to support and expand the functionality of the application.

What information is needed for the seafood items?

Sustainable seafood ratings, and thus use of the calculator, require knowing the exact species of the given seafood items, the origin of where each seafood item was caught or farmed, and the fishing or farming method used. As a rule of thumb, the application uses the U.S. FDA common name for each species with the scientific name included in parenthesis.

How is information entered into the application?

The application works in 3 basic steps – identify species, identify wild/farmed origin, and identify wild/farmed method. To identify the species, the application offers either a search function that allows users to find seafood species by common name, scientific name, and market name, or a series of drop down menus that allow users to narrow down seafood choices to a particular species. After the seafood species is identified users select whether the species is wild or farmed and its origin from one menu, and the fishing or farming method from a subsequent menu. Finally, users can enter volume of each seafood item and assign each item a unique identification, such as a SKU number, a product form, a menu item, etc…. Users can add as many items as they want, and when finished compiling the list, they can run (‘calculate’) their report.

Which seafood species are included in the application?

All seafood with Seafood Watch ratings are in the application, but not all seafood in the application has a rating. It is not uncommon for seafood items in the report to show a “No Rating” result. Additionally, not all seafood species and source fisheries/ aquaculture operations are in the database. However, users can submit a seafood item to be added to the database, which will further populate the “No Rating” category. The “No Rating” category is important because it helps ensure correct identification of seafood items with ratings and highlights that seafood ratings do not exist for all seafood.

What if users don’t have all of the information for one or more items?

The application allows users to include seafood items that have missing information, but those items will be omitted from the seafood sustainability report. On the report page, it will show what information is missing from each item, and users will then be able to ask their vendor specific questions to fill in the information gaps.

How is the information used and what can users do with it?

The information generated in these reports is only visible to each user. However, users can download and/or email the report. Users are encouraged to download their report(s) so they can track their seafood as their product inventory changes and as Seafood Watch ratings evolve. Users can also identify their seafood in the “Avoid” category and try to find appropriate substitutions. Seafood Watch partners will be asked to email their reports to the Seafood Watch Program.

What will future versions of the application include?

Future versions of the application may include additional sustainable seafood ratings and certification programs, additional charts, links to seafood substitutions, notes on source fisheries/aquaculture operations, and increased functionality such as email alerts when sustainability ratings change.